One of the most common questions we about Roof Repairs in Bathurst, is “Should I repair or replace?”

It’s a good question, and you should know that a roof repair may often be looked at as a shorter term option than a roof replacement which will last far longer.

As you know in Bathurst, the climate can be quite harsh with extremely cold winter wights and hot dry summer days. This means that our roofs cop a beating. If you start to see that you have a leak in your roof, then you certainly should look at getting a repair.

When we come to your property, we’ll inspect the damage, and first up we’ll let you know if it’s repairable. If your roof is many years old, and it looks like you will be need to do alot of repairs in the not too distant future, we will give you an honest assessment and advise whether it may be better to replace your roof.

Also, sometimes it’s not the actual roof that is the problem, but the guttering (usually consisting of box gutters) or the roof flashing – we can inspect all that and let you know.

Of course, in some situations – you won’t want to replace your roof, as you might have plans to extend or modify your home – and replacing at this stage would be unnecessary.

When you call us and ask for a Bathurst roof repair, we’ll let you know your options for replacement and repair, and you can then decide which is the best option for your situation.