The vast majority of metal roofs that are installed these days are colourbond roofs. This is mainly due to the cost, durability, longevity and strength that steel provides, all of which make it a very versatile roofing material.

Perhaps the greatest quality of a colourbond roof is that they are ideal for the extremities of the Australian climate. They are resistant to fire, rarely suffer damage from hail, and with professional installation, have a good chance of remaining fixed in the face of strong winds and cyclones.

Colourbond roofs are also treated in a way that allows them to absorb less and reflect more heat from the sun, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of heat that’s allowed to radiate into your home during summer. These roofs are normally also painted in a lighter colour to further improve their cooling properties.

To aid with additional thermal qualities, many steel roofs are installed with foil between roofing sheets for insulation, or foil-and-blanket insulation to also help reduce noise when it rains.

Metal roofs offer good resistance to fire, and metal is also often used for structures in alpine areas. The smooth surface helps snow to slide off roofs, while the relatively light weight of steel increases the amount of snow that can be built up before the load bearing ability of the walls is compromised.’

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